About ICVA

Who We Are

ICVA is a global network of non-governmental organisations whose mission is to make humanitarian action more principled and effective by working collectively and independently to influence policy and practice.

Established in 1962 by a small coalition of refugee and migration focused non-governmental organisations (NGOs), ICVA has grown into a diverse network of over 100 NGO members operating in 160 countries at global, regional, national and local levels. 

ICVA helps its members understand, engage and influence the humanitarian sector with a focus on:

  • Forced migration;
  • Humanitarian coordination;
  • Humanitarian financing; and
  • Cross-cutting issues.

A "bridge" between humanitarian actors

ICVA connects the voices of its members in order to:

  • Share and exchange experiences and information;
  • Collaborate on common issues;
  • Harness varying perspectives and inspire each other;
  • Engage with and influence other actors, including the UN, governments and regional organisations.

The idea that drives us

The vision of ICVA is a world in which crises-affected populations are effectively protected, assisted, and enabled to rebuild their lives and livelihoods with dignity.

Our values and principles

  • Our work is based on the principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independance as well as the Principles of Partnership.
  • We work towards a system that enables people affected by humanitarian crises to receive equitable access to quality assistance and protection.
  • We promote innovative approaches to humanitarian policy development and implementation, and offer evidence-based, solutions-oriented advocacy.
  • We promote equitable engagement of NGOs to make the humanitarian system more inclusive.