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Welcome to ICVA’s Humanitarian Learning Stream.

Many NGOs wish to have a stronger understanding of the humanitarian sector. However, due to limited time and resources, this is sometimes not possible. ICVA has therefore launched a new initiative – a series of online humanitarian learning streams to strengthen your knowledge about the sector.

Each learning stream, lasting between three to six months, involves series of webinars, short videos and short briefing papers. Learning streams specifically target NGOs, unpacking and discussing the opportunities and challenges faced by NGOs in humanitarian action.
ICVA Learning Stream

What it is ‘not’?

ICVA’s Humanitarian Learning Stream is not an intensive, in-depth learning course.

There are a growing number of virtual, high quality learning initiatives, offering intensive, in-depth learning initiatives, (including BuildingaBetterResponse.com; ALNAP; Bond; Humanitarian Leadership Academy; Disaster Ready and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative).

Why participate in ICVA’s Learning Stream?

The approach and target of ICVA’s Humanitarian Learning Stream is:

Climate Change and Humanitarian Action Learning Stream
28 August, 2022
Climate Change and Humanitarian Action Learning Stream
Subject / Learning / Climate & environment /

This learning stream provides a platform for the broader humanitarian community to better understand how we can reduce our impact of climate change by accelerating action and increasing environmental sustainability. The series focuses on practical ways of applying the Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organisations and sharing lessons learned on how the commitments can be translated into practice.

Topics covered in this webinar series include:

  • Humanitarian Response and Loss and Damage Finance: Coordinating Action to Meet Rising Needs
  • Climate Financing and Humanitarian Action
  • Understanding Climate Change Loss and Damage and Links to Humanitarian Action
  • The Road to COP27: Why should humanitarian NGOs engage?
  • Understanding and Integrating Climate and Environment Risk Data in Humanitarian Action
  • Embracing the leadership of local actors and communities in community action
  • Practical tools and initiatives for reducing environmental impact in humanitarian action
  • Maximising the environmental sustainability of our work
  • Adapting to the impacts of the climate and environmental crises
  • The Climate and Environment Charter for humanitarian organisations
ICVA at STEP 2020
9 December, 2020
ICVA at STEP 2020
Subject / Cross-cutting issues /

On 9 & 10 December 2020, ICVA together with the Civil Society Action Committee, were co-organisers for the STEP event under the theme of sustainable society. STEP into a Better World was a virtual conference dedicated to driving action for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which were collated into four accessible themes. These are: Sustainable society, Technology & innovation, Environment & nature and Partnering for a Better World.

E-Learning Risk Management in Practice
3 June, 2020
Risk Management in Practice
Subject / Financing / Learning /

Risk awareness is something that is embedded in the culture of humanitarian work but risk management is not. Therefore, it is critical for NGOs to understand how to identify and manage risk. This learning stream provides a platform for the NGO community to share their current practice, discuss, and learn from one another in order to better understand how to manage risks when working in the humanitarian sector and apply it in their day-to-day work.

This series includes webinars on the following topics:

  • Risky Business: Reframing the fundamentals of risk management for humanitarians
  • Security Risk Management and Duty of Care during COVID-19
  • The Impact of Bank De-risking on Humanitarian Action
  • Balancing Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance in Humanitarian Operations
  • Culture matters: Risks and opportunities related to leaderships, staff well-being and living our values
  • Risk Management & Funding Partnerships
Navigating Change
9 September, 2021
Navigating Change
Subject / Cross-cutting issues / Learning /

The Navigating Change learning stream provides a platform for the NGO community to better understand changes affecting the humanitarian sector.

Demystifying the Humanitarian, Development and Peace Nexus
19 August, 2018
Demystifying the Humanitarian, Development and Peace Nexus
Subject / Cross-cutting issues / Learning /


At the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016, the UN and World Bank have committed to a “new way of working” that transcends the humanitarian-development divide. This concept has been considered in terms of UN reform and the “triple nexus” – the nexus between humanitarian, development, and – when appropriate – peace. However, many NGOs and partners are yet to grapple with what this means for affected persons and the system as a whole.

This series includes webinars on the following topics:

  • The “nexus: explained: How and when do humanitarian, development, and peace action come together?
  • The World Bank and the humanitarian-development-peace nexus
  • The UN reform: The link to the “nexus” and what it means for non-UN actors
  • Perspectives of peacebuilding actors in the humanitarian-development-peace nexus
  • Donor perspectives on the humanitarian-development-peace nexus
Regional webinar: Understanding ASEAN
12 October, 2017
Understanding ASEAN
Subject / Asia region /
OCHA ppt AHA Centre.pdf

This webinar provides a stronger understanding of the role of regional humanitarian actors.

Demystifying Humanitarian Coordination
8 June, 2017
Demystifying Humanitarian Coordination
Subject / Coordination / Learning /

The complexity of emergencies requires that humanitarian actors coordinate their responses effectively. However, many NGOs have only a limited understanding or engagement in the humanitarian coordination mechanisms.

This series includes webinars on the following topics:

  • The IASC and the global humanitarian coordination architecture: How can NGOs engage?
  • The humanitarian coordination architecture at country and regional levels
  • NGO fora and consortia – from local to global
  • OCHA and NGOs in humanitarian coordination
  • The New Way of Working: What is it? What does it mean for NGOs?
  • NGOs in government-led and refugee coordination contexts


Demystifying Humanitarian Financing
16 September, 2016
Demystifying Humanitarian Financing
Subject / Financing / humanitarian financing / Learning /

The 2016 ICVA learning stream on demystifying humanitarian financing is a series of webinars, videos and briefing papers to help NGOs better understand the various humanitarian financing mechanisms, influence policy related to humanitarian financing, and access funding.

Topics included in the webinar series include:

  • The Humanitarian Financing Landscape – Realities and emerging trends for NGOs
  • UN humanitarian funding – demystifying NGO access
  • Pooled funding – how can NGOs engage?
  • Bilateral funding – trends, challenges and opportunities for NGOs
  • Private funding – a growing source for NGOs?
  • The Grand Bargain and its impact on NGOs
Learning opportunities and resources
26 August, 2016
Learning opportunities and resources
Subject / Learning / Cross-cutting issues / Coordination / Financing /
How do NGOs navigate the shrinking civil society space?
14 September, 2021
Private: FW- How do NGOs navigate the shrinking civil society space?
Subject / Civil society space /