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ICVA is a global network of non-governmental organisations whose mission is to make humanitarian action more principled and effective...
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Established in 1962 by a small coalition of refugee and migration focused non-governmental organisations (NGOs), ICVA has grown into...
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Our strategy sets the direction of our work to achieve our mission of making humanitarian action more principled and effective...

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Read ICVA's Strategic Priorities for 2022-2024

The vision of ICVA is a world in which crises-affected populations are effectively protected, assisted, and enabled to rebuild their lives and livelihoods with dignity.


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Latest Updates

Vacancy Notice
10 March, 2023
ICVA Executive Director Job Description
Subject / ICVA /

ICVA is seeking a compassionate, charismatic, forward-thinking humanitarian leader who is excited about leading the organisation to grow and evolve to tackle the core elements of humanitarian coordination, humanitarian financing and forced migration, while promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Application Deadline: 30 April 2023

Start Date: As soon as possible

Check out more information in the below link and apply.

23 February, 2023
ICVA 2023 Annual Conference Programme and Recommended Reading
Subject / Annual Conference / humanitarian financing / Financing /
Annual Conference Programme

ICVA’s 2023 Annual Conference will be held on Friday 17 March at Maison de la Paix, Geneva. The theme of the event will be, The right time and the right place: Improving access to humanitarian quality funding.

14 February, 2023
Measuring Humanitarian Localisation in Yemen – Baseline Report
Subject / Localization /
Localisation Baseline Report in Yemen image

This report considers progress on localization in Yemen, measuring it across seven pillars: Partnerships, Funding, Capacity Strengthening, Coordination and Complementarity, Policy Influence, Leadership, and Participation.



Climate Change and Humanitarian Action Learning Stream
28 August, 2022
Climate Change and Humanitarian Action Learning Stream
Subject / Learning / Cross-cutting issues /

This learning stream provides a platform for the broader humanitarian community to better understand how we can reduce our impact of climate change by accelerating action and increasing environmental sustainability. The series focuses on practical ways of applying the Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organisations and sharing lessons learned on how the commitments can be translated into practice.

Topics covered in this webinar series include:

  • Understanding Climate Change Loss and Damage and Links to Humanitarian Action
  • The Road to COP27: Why should humanitarian NGOs engage?
  • Understanding and Integrating Climate and Environment Risk Data in Humanitarian Action
  • Embracing the leadership of local actors and communities in community action
  • Practical tools and initiatives for reducing environmental impact in humanitarian action
  • Maximising the environmental sustainability of our work
  • Adapting to the impacts of the climate and environmental crises
  • The Climate and Environment Charter for humanitarian organisations

Next Events

19 September, 2022
ICVA Annual Conference 2023
Subject / humanitarian financing / Annual Conference / Grand Bargain / Localization / Nexus /

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