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Vacancy Notice
16 January, 2023

Vacancy Notice: Deputy Regional Representative West and Central Africa

Subject / Africa region /

Reporting to the ICVA West and Central Africa Regional representative, the Deputy Representative supports the execution of the ICVA strategy in the West and Central African Region and is part of the ICVA Secretariat.

Application deadline  – 31 January 2023

Check out more information in the below link and apply.

Vacancy Notice
13 January, 2023

Vacancy notice: Operations Intern

Subject / ICVA /

By providing operations support, the intern would take on daily duties that would include providing support to the operations team with a number of duties related to finance and administration. Some support for events will also be required and may require the intern to travel to the regions when events are being organised.

Application deadline  –  31 January 2023

Check out more information in the below link and apply.

Guidance Note
4 January, 2023

NEXUS Approaches in Humanitarian Settings – A Guidance Note for the Protection Cluster

Subject / Nexus /
Nexus approaches GPC

This Guidance Note is meant to help protection cluster coordinators apply nexus approaches in a practical way by, providing concrete steps and means to address prevalent or longstanding protection issues, risk patterns, trends and chronic vulnerabilities. The guidance calls for a practical, problem-solving approach that seeks opportunities to identify and collaborate with actors beyond the humanitarian sphere to address deep-rooted protection issues

29 December, 2022

Statement by Principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee on Afghanistan

Subject / Protection /

Women’s participation in aid delivery must continue.

21 December, 2022

Mapping and rapid assessment of existing national NGO coordination mechanisms focusing on Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Republic of Moldova

Subject / Coordination /

This report aims to provide a snapshot analysis and mapping of existing NGO coordination structures and responses in four neighbouring countries to Ukraine, namely Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Republic of Moldova.

7 December, 2022

2022 Regional Humanitarian Partnership Week Programme

Subject / Asia region /
Logistical Note

Programme for the 2022 Regional Humanitarian Partnership Week in Bangkok, Thailand.

Meeting NotesMembers only
7 December, 2022

World Food Programme Annual Partnership Consultation Summary

Subject / Financing /

ICVA attended World Food Programme’s Annual Partnership Consultation (APC) in Rome on 24 -27 October 2022. Check a summary of the discussions.

  • WFP Annual Partnership Consultation Summary (English)
Meeting NotesMembers only
7 December, 2022

2022 WFP-NGO Partnership Summary Update

Subject / humanitarian financing / Financing /
Update from WFP - NGO partnership

This summary provides an overview of several ongoing pieces of work linked to improved partnership between WFP and NGOs.

  • 2022 WFP-NGO Partnership Summary Update (English)
7 December, 2022

The High Commissioner’s Dialogue on Protection Challenges 2022

Subject / Forced migration /

NGO statement delivered at UNHCR’s High Commissioner’s Dialogue on Protection Challenges on the theme of development cooperation to advance protection, inclusion, and solutions for displaced and stateless persons – 7-8 December 2022.

7 December, 2022

High Commissioner’s Dialogue – Joint Statement

Subject / Forced migration / Financing /

A joint call for financing for solutions and principled humanitarian programming.

PresentationMembers only
6 December, 2022

The Future of the Grand Bargain – NGO Signatory Consultation

Subject / Grand Bargain /
The Future of the Grand Bargain - NGO Signatory Consultation 1
  • The Future of the Grand Bargain - NGO Signatory Consultation (English)
Survey Findings
6 December, 2022

Future of the Grand Bargain – Findings of the survey – October 2022

Subject / Grand Bargain /
Future of Grand Bargain

The purpose of the survey was to measure the interest of the Signatories to continue their engagement and invest their internal resources in case of the continuation of the process. This exercise also provided quantitative data on the key elements of the Grand Bargain structure that bring most added value in achieving efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian aid.

Logistics Note
3 December, 2022

Logistics Note – 2022 Regional Humanitarian Partnership Week

Subject / Asia region /
1 December, 2022

Unprecedented Humanitarian Needs must shock Grand Bargain Signatories into Action

Subject / Gender / Protection /

As we launch the 2023 Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) with historically high levels of need1, the recommendations of the High-Level Panel (HLP) on Humanitarian Financing’s Too Important to Fail report2, on which the Grand Bargain was built, resonate more than ever. Sixty-four NGOs and NGO networks see the continuation and strengthening of the Grand Bargain – the process to make the humanitarian system more efficient – as crucial and call for renewed commitment to shrink needs, deepen the resource base and invest in gender equality and empowerment of women and girls.

This record appeal must be a wake-up call to Grand Bargain signatories and other relevant stakeholders to reform the system and engage actors far beyond the humanitarian sector alone. At the beginning of 2022, 274 million people needed humanitarian assistance. In 2023, it is 339 million people. This is an increase of nearly 24 per cent, or 65 million people. It means that today, one in every 23 people on the planet needs humanitarian assistance. The 2023 GHO size is just a taste of what is to come as the effects of conflict, COVID-19 and climate change continue to magnify other drivers of humanitarian needs in years to come, amplifying existing and intersecting forms of inequalities and injustices, including gender inequality, experienced by marginalized groups.

1 December, 2022

Global Humanitarian Overview 2023 (Abridged Report)

Subject / humanitarian financing / Drought /
GHO-2023-Abridged-EN_final 1

The Global Humanitarian Overview (GHO) is the humanitarian community’s annual assessment of global humanitarian needs and resources required to respond to them. The launch of the GHO provided an overview of humanitarian needs and funding requirements in 2023, call for generous funding towards next year’s humanitarian appeals, and amplify the voices of affected people, particularly women and girls.

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