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8 June, 2023

Agenda – Pooled Funding at a Crossroads Report Launch

Subject / country based pooled funds / humanitarian financing /
Vacancy notice
8 June, 2023

Vacancy notice: Cost and Management Accountant

Subject / ICVA /

ICVA is seeking a Cost and Management Accountant to be responsible for the smooth running of ICVA’s financial tasks and objectives.  Reporting to the COO, this position is based in Geneva, so only applicants with Swiss work permits can apply.

Application deadline 30 June 2023.

Job description and application procedure in below link.


Vacancy Notice
7 June, 2023

Consultancy- Pooled Funding Models: Governance Systems and Operational Aspects

Subject / country based pooled funds / humanitarian financing /

Through this consultancy, ICVA is seeking to assess the governance system of the NGO-hosted and NGO-led Sahel Regional Fund (SRF) and its added value against other new pooled funding models, develop forward-looking recommendations towards an independent governance system of the SRF, and compile good practices and lessons learnt from other pooled funds. In a second phase, ICVA will seek to assess the relevance of the operational model of the SRF, in comparison with other pooled funding models, will be developed.

Application deadline  – 12 July 2023

Check out more information in the below link and apply.

7 June, 2023

Climate Charter: Summary of Poll

Subject / Climate & environment /
6 June, 2023

Pooled Funding at a Crossroads – A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Subject / humanitarian financing / country based pooled funds /
Pooled Funding at a Crossroads

Pooled funding has become increasingly popular as an efficient solution to enhance effectiveness of humanitarian action. The Covid-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan organized through IASC is an example of pooled funding being used to channel funds faster to frontline humanitarian responders. Contributions to the OCHA-managed pooled funds have seen a steady growth since 2011-2012, drawing increased attention and examination into their impact and potential. A review of existing literature explores the strengths and weaknesses of pooled funds in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, innovation, learning, knowledge sharing, and achieving broader policy objectives.

The review highlights potential gaps in the literature that could be explored by ICVA and its membership while also identifying future trends relevant for ICVA’s research, advocacy, and policy agendas.

Meeting NotesMembers only
24 April, 2023

Notes – UNHCR-NGO Online Consultations

Subject / Forced migration /
Meeting notes

Notes – UNHCR-NGO Online Consultations

UNHCR-NGO 2023 Online Consultations

In 2023, ICVA and UNHCR Partnership and Coordination Service will co-organise a series of Online Consultations with NGOs. This is a follow-up on the model of online NGO Consultations held since the onset of COVID in March 2020, and will complement the UNHCR-NGO Global Consultations held every two years. The next edition will be in 2024.

  • Notes on Increasing access to asylum through improved asylum capacity - 2 March 2023 (English)
20 April, 2023

ICVA Annual Report 2022

Subject / ICVA /
2022 Annual Report Cover

Our 2022 Annual Report reflects on ICVA’s 60th anniversary and implementation of the ICVA 2030 strategy, highlighting our continued efforts in redefining our role, increasing our influence and impact on humanitarian policy and practice, and adapting our work to meet local humanitarian needs.

20 April, 2023

HIAS Environmental Report 2022 – Emissions, Waste, and Water

Subject / Environment / Climate & environment /
Environmental Report 2022 image

This document is the shortened version of the second environmental report produced by HIAS; it is based on the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. It provides the organizational emissions for the year 2022 under the operational control consolidation approach.

RHPW Presentations
19 April, 2023

2022 Regional Humanitarian Partnership Week Presentations

Subject / Humanitarian / Asia region /
Meeting NotesMembers only
6 April, 2023

2023 Notes: Humanitarian Financing Working Group

Subject / humanitarian financing /
  • Ad hoc Meeting: Türkiye and Syria earthquake response Summary note (English)
  • HFWG Meeting summary Feb 2023 (English)
  • HFWG Meeting Summary March 2023 (English)
ReportMembers only
6 April, 2023

Report – Lessons Learned Exercise from Regional Humanitarian Fund for West and Central Africa

Subject / humanitarian financing /

This report presents the key findings and recommendations from a lessons learned exercise after the first year of the operation of the RHFWCA in Niger and Burkina Faso. Conducted from September 15th to November 15th, the exercise included consultations with key stakeholders including Humanitarian Coordinators (HCs), donors, Advisory Boards (ABs), inter-cluster coordination groups (ICCGs), and registered partners/sub-partners, as well as a review of data collected from the Grant Management System (GMS). The exercise was facilitated by a joint team from OCHA’s Regional Office for West and Central Africa (ROWCA) and the Pooled Fund Management Branch (PFMB) at headquarters (HQ).

  • Report - Lessons Learned Exercise from Regional Humanitarian Fund for West and Central Africa (English)
5 April, 2023

Implementing the Climate Charter – Analysis and mapping of expertise available to signatories on the implementation of the Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organizations

Subject / Climate & environment /
Implementing the Climate Charter 1

The report “Implementing the Climate Charter: Analysis and mapping of expertise available to signatories on the implementation of the Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organisations” was commissioned by DG ECHO through Groupe URD.

Meeting Notes
4 April, 2023

IASC Operational Policy and Advocacy Group (OPAG) Meeting

Subject / IASC / Humanitarian /
Meeting notes

The Operational Policy and Advocacy Group (OPAG) of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee convened on 23 March.

ICVA annual conference 2023
31 March, 2023

ICVA annual conference 2023

31 March, 2023

A Talk on Leadership

Subject / Annual Conference /
A Talk on Leadership

Farewell address by Ignacio Packer, outgoing ICVA Executive Director, to the ICVA members and other guests on 16 March 2023 during the Membership Day.


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