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Case Studies
29 February, 2024

ICVA 2023 Case Studies

Subject / COVID-19 / Global refugee forum / Localization / Gender / Yemen /

Five case studies that demonstrate ICVA’s diverse global and regional operational approaches.

These include:

  1. Co-convening the Multi-Stakeholder Pledge on Advancing Localization in Displacement and Statelessness Responses at the 2023 Global Refugee Forum
  2. Strengthening the Localization Agenda in Yemen
  3. ICVA’s influence on UNICEF’s Programme Cooperation Agreement through its members
  4. Empowering Local Women Leaders in Humanitarian Action through ICVA’s Women Humanitarian Leadership Training Programme
  5. ICVA and INTERSOS’ Leading Role in the Development of the COVID-19 Vaccination in Humanitarian Settings Action Plan

Click on the below links to read them.

2023 Regional Humanitarian Partnership Week Presentations
27 February, 2024

2023 Regional Humanitarian Partnership Week Session Presentations

Subject / Asia region / Nexus / humanitarian financing / Climate & environment /
RHPW 2023 Backdrop revised

Presentations from Sessions of the 2023 Regional Humanitarian Partnership Week, which took place on 11-13 December in Bangkok, Thailand.

Click on the links below to access the presentations.

22 February, 2024

Statement by Principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee – Civilians in Gaza in extreme peril while the world watches on: Ten requirements to avoid an even worse catastrophe

Subject / Protection / IASC /
Statement by Principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee

The Principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) released a statement on 21 February 2024, expressing grave concern for the plight of civilians in the Gaza Strip. In the aftermath of recent attacks and escalating violence, tens of thousands of Palestinians, especially women and children, have suffered casualties, displacement, and shortages of basic necessities. The health system is crumbling, diseases are spreading, and humanitarian workers face significant challenges in delivering aid. The statement outlines ten urgent requirements to avert further catastrophe, including an immediate ceasefire, protection of civilians and infrastructure, reliable entry points for aid delivery, and support for humanitarian agencies. The statement emphasizes the need for Israel to fulfill its legal obligations and urges world leaders to prevent a worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Click on the below link to read the Full Statement In English, Arabic or Hebrew.

ICVA GA 2024 working documents
21 February, 2024

List of candidates for ICVA Board Elections March 2024

Subject / Governance /
ICVA GA 2024 Working Documents
20 February, 2024

Reaffirmation of Principles and Standards

Subject / Governance /
2024GA2024working documents

Members will be asked to reaffirm the principles and standards they adopted individually when joining ICVA and/or reaffirmed collectively in 2021.

ICVA encourages its members to demonstrate a strong commitment to humanitarian principles and standards.

Committing to these standards reflects a dedication to best practices, transparency, and accountability in humanitarian action, contributing to the overall effectiveness of ICVA and its members in providing assistance to those in need.

ICVA GA 2024 Working Documents
20 February, 2024

Proposed Amendments to Statutes February 2024

Subject / Governance /
2024GA2024working documents

The proposed amendments to the Statutes, will be approved by the General Assembly on 20 March 2024.

ICVA GA 2024 working documents
20 February, 2024

Strategic Priorities 2025-2027

Subject / Governance /
2024GA2024working documents

The strategic priorities are drawn from the 2030 strategic vision, offering a more targeted  focus for the period 2025-2027.

The General Assembly will adopt these priorities on 20 March 2024.


Vacancy Notice
16 February, 2024

Vacancy Notice – Grants Compliance Officer

Subject / ICVA /

The Grants Compliance Officer is a key support position within the operations department, responsible for assisting the operations team in monitoring deadlines, ensuring compliance with donor requirements, and supporting the project implementation team with reporting compliance. This role is cross-cutting and involves close collaboration with MEL, Finance, and project implementors. The primary job purpose of the Grants Compliance Officer is to provide essential support for delivering quality programs and ensuring compliance with donor requirements.

Deadline for applications: 15 March 2024.

Please click on the link below for more information.

1 February, 2024

Joint Statement – UNRWA funding cuts threaten Palestinian lives in Gaza and region, say NGOs

Subject / Humanitarian Aid /

In a joint statement, ICVA and several NGOs express deep concern over the suspension of funding for UNRWA, emphasizing the dire impact on life-saving assistance for over two million civilians, including many children, amid a worsening humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. The NGOs urged donor states to reverse the funding suspensions, highlighting the critical role of UNRWA in providing essential aid that cannot be replaced by other agencies, and called for increased humanitarian assistance to address the urgent needs in Gaza and the region.

Click on the below link to read the statement.

31 January, 2024

Regional Dialogue Report – “Leaving no one behind – exploring the NEXUS approach in Yemen”

Subject / Yemen / Nexus /

The OECD-DAC recommendations highlight the interconnectedness of humanitarian, development, and peace actions within the Humanitarian, Development, and Peace Nexus (HDPN). The outcomes of a December 2023 dialogue in the region showcased experiences and lessons from various organizations in Yemen, emphasizing strategic approaches, stakeholder capacities, community assessment tools, and the transition from relief to resilience and recovery. These conclusions align with global evidence on HDP Nexus practices, emphasizing the importance of addressing coordination complexity, risk mitigation, financing, local ownership, leadership, and accountability.

Protect Aid Workers Initiative and Grant Application Guidelines
31 January, 2024

Protect Aid Workers Initiative and Grant Application Guidelines

Subject / Humanitarian / Middle East and North Africa region /
Protect Aid Workers

Protect Aid Workers is a new initiative that supports humanitarian workers of national and international NGOs that have experienced a critical incident or are under threat due to their work as a humanitarian.

31 January, 2024

Statement by Principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee – We cannot abandon the people of Gaza

Subject / IASC / Humanitarian /
Gaza Statement

The IASC principles have released a statement expressing deep concern over the allegations against UNRWA staff in Gaza. Emphasizing the vital role of UNRWA in providing essential assistance to the people of Gaza, they appeal for the reconsideration of decisions to pause funds, highlighting the catastrophic consequences such actions could have on the humanitarian system.

Click the below link to read the statement.

26 January, 2024

Final Report – 2023 UNHCR Regional Consultations with NGOs in Asia and the Pacific

Subject / Asia region /

The 2023 UNHCR Regional Consultations with NGOs in Asia and the Pacific had the theme “Promoting Inclusion for Sustainable Solutions.” The focus was on addressing challenges and identifying opportunities for over 14.3 million forcibly displaced and stateless individuals in the region. This report offers an overview of the discussions and recommendations from the two-day event.

Click on the below link to read the report.

ICVA Bulletin
23 January, 2024

ICVA Bulletins 2024

Subject / ICVA / ICVA Bulletin /
Bulletin 2024

Check out the latest on forced migration, coordination, financing as well as child rights, climate action and safeguarding.

Vacancy Notice
22 January, 2024

Vacancy Notice: Consultancy – Localisation in Humanitarian Leadership

Subject / Coordination / Africa region / Asia region / Latin America /

The objective of the consultancy is to map and document the extent of meaningful national NGO engagement in international humanitarian coordination structures in selected countries (max. 10) in the Latin America and Caribbean, Africa, and Asia Pacific regions. This includes:

  1. Assessment of existing quantitative data on national NGO participation.
  2. Qualitative research conducted through a desk review and key informant interviews, resulting in targeted recommendations for enhanced meaningful engagement of national NGOs.
  3. Documentation, through a number of case studies showing replicable positive practice in effective national NGO engagement in the mentioned high-level humanitarian coordination structures.

Application deadline:  2 February 2024.

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