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ICVA is a global network of non-governmental organizations whose mission is to make humanitarian action more principled and effective......
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Since its establishment in 1962, ICVA has grown into a diverse network of more than 160 NGO members operating in 160 countries......
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Our strategy sets the direction of our work to achieve our mission of making humanitarian action more principled and effective.

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The vision of ICVA is a world in which crises-affected populations are effectively protected, assisted, and enabled to rebuild their lives and livelihoods with dignity.


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Latest Updates

Meeting Recording
22 January, 2024
ICVA Roundtable on Humanitarian Needs
Subject / Humanitarian /
Roundtable (1)

ICVA hosted a roundtable discussion on humanitarian needs for its members on 17 January 2024. This discussion builds upon a previous session focused on ‘Humanitarian Prioritization: Principles, Ethics and Realities’.

The focal point of the discussion was a newly released policy paper titled “How should we define and prioritize humanitarian need?” The paper, authored by Hugo Slim from the University of Oxford and commissioned by Impact Initiatives, has been published by the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies. It offers an independent ethical perspective on humanitarian need.

The primary objective of this paper is to stimulate a broader policy debate on humanitarian needs within the humanitarian sector in 2024.

To read the paper, visit: https://www.humanitarianstudies.no/resource/how-should-we-define-and-prioritise-humanitarian-need/

Click the link below to watch the recording.

18 December, 2023
Pooled Funding Models: Governance Systems. A Comparative Study
Subject / humanitarian financing / country based pooled funds /

This comparative analysis contributes to understanding the landscape of Pooled Funds governance models, sheds light on good practices observed these Pooled Funds, and provides recommendations towards an independent governance system.

Click on the below links to read the Report and the Briefing Note.

Baseline Report
5 September, 2023
A Humanitarian Localization Baseline for Ukraine
Subject / Localization / Ukraine /
Humanitarian Localization Baseline for Ukraine

The understanding of localization in the humanitarian response in Ukraine remains a key policy and practice concern for donors and humanitarian actors. While localization of the humanitarian response in Ukraine is frequently stressed as a priority, there have been only limited efforts to date to build evidence, evaluate impact, strengthen accountability, and develop strategic tools that can facilitate practical approaches to local leadership and quality humanitarian response.

This initiative attempts to establish ‘where we are’ in terms of the localization of humanitarian assistance in the response. Stakeholders can then establish the direction of travel to reach an objective, both collectively and independently. It further creates a baseline from which actors in Ukraine and elsewhere can continue to regularly assess humanitarian localization development by using the same methodology as with other responses across the globe.

Click on the below links to read the report in English and Ukrainian.



5 December, 2023
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Online Course
Subject / Inclusion & Diversity /

Next Events

2024 UNICEF-NGO Consultations
28 March, 2024
2024 UNICEF-NGO Consultations
Subject / Child Rights / Climate & environment / Humanitarian /

This two day Consultations will be an opportunity for meaningful dialogue between UNICEF and NGO partners on a range of programmatic and policy issues in areas affected by climate change. This includes topics like the Humanitarian-Development Nexus approach, community engagement, and accountability towards crisis affected persons. Within those thematic discussions, matters including the Principles of Partnership, partnership procedures, capacity-building and strengthening opportunities, among others, will be streamlined.


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