Regional Humanitarian Partnership Week – Asia Pacific 2024



The International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA), the Asian Disaster Risk Reduction Network (ADRRN), Community World Service Asia (CWSA), and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)


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Regional Humanitarian Partnership Week – Asia Pacific 2024

Theme: Sparking Global Change through Local Solutions in Humanitarian Action

International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA), Asian Disaster Risk Reduction Network (ADRRN), Community World Service Asia (CWSA), and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), are collectively planning a Regional Humanitarian Partnership Week (RHPW) 2024.

Date: 10-12 December 2024

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand


The Regional Humanitarian Partnership Week (RHPW) is a collaborative event organized by ICVA, ADRRN, CWSA, and UNOCHA, bringing together hundreds of humanitarian professionals from the Asia-Pacific region to share best practices and foster partnerships. In 2023, over 280 participants from 200 organizations worldwide attended the event.

In the evolving landscape of humanitarian aid, where needs are growing exponentially, responses are becoming politicized, and funds are being stretched, ensuring accountability to affected people and efficiency is paramount.

The Asia Pacific region, known for multiple crises, there’s a need to innovate and adapt operational methods to empower communities effectively. The Grand Bargain, originating from the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, emphasizes accountable and inclusive actions, quality funding, and local leadership. RHPW 2024 will also focus on ‘Grand Bargain in Action’ to explore how stakeholders are implementing these principles and address remaining gaps.


  • Defining Equitable Partnerships: What are the key characteristics of an equitable partnership in the humanitarian context, and how can we ensure communities are at the center?
  • Climate Change: How do we capitalize on the prioritization of climate change action and ensure more effective and coordinated mitigation, prevention, and humanitarian responses?
  • Capacity Strengthening: What approaches best utilize the capacity of all partners to respond to complex emergencies?
  • Risk Management: How does risk sharing between donors and partners contribute to better outcomes in humanitarian responses?
  • Innovative Financing: How can we broaden and diversify the financial streams for Preparedness and Response work? How can we reduce competition for funding?
  • Localizing the Nexus: In what ways can the Nexus approach be localized to ensure that it is led by and tailored to the needs of the communities it serves?
  • Local Leadership: How can we foster local leadership, including in humanitarian diplomacy and policy work?

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Audience and Format


This regional event targets stakeholders in the humanitarian field to foster collaboration and innovation across NGOs, CSOs, academia, think tanks, the private sector, and international entities like the United Nations and financial institutions.

Format of the Event

The event will take place in person in Bangkok, Thailand. The venue will be shared closer to the event.

Timelines and Contacts

Key Timeline

PUBLIC Registration| 15th May until 1st September 2024
PUBLIC Expression of Interest open| 10th June- 20th August 2024
PUBLIC Invitation /Visa letter request deadline| 25th August 2024
PUBLIC Acceptance email to organizers and registrants| 20th September 2024
PUBLIC Logistics guidelines and sponsorship information|10 November 2024

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ADRRN| Takeshi Komino
CWSA| Palwashay Arbab
OCHA| Juliana Teoh; Lorenna Dib Oliveira