Navigating Change Learning Stream

Humanitarians operate in a constantly changing environment. New emergencies, technological evolutions, and changing political landscapes constantly pose new challenges and prompt new approaches for humanitarian action. In many parts of the world, respect for humanitarian principles is eroding and so too is the NGOs’ space to operate.  The humanitarian community struggles to keep up with the multiple reforms, initiatives and discussions that are happening at the global policy level and at the regional and country levels.


ICVA and PHAP conducted their fourth online Learning Stream “Navigating Change” on 8 November 2018. The stream provides a platform for the NGO community to better understand changes affecting the humanitarian sector. It creates a space for the broader humanitarian community to come together and discuss these changes, learn from one another, and share solutions.

This Learning Stream provides NGO staff, including field, policy and headquarter staff an opportunity to:

  • have an overview on the global-level policy discussions on humanitarian action;
  • explore the avenues available for humanitarian actors to engage in policy discussions at global, regional and country levels;
  • understand what such a changing landscape means for them;
  • hear from different actors working on these issues on how to build synergies;
  • understand the challenges, the risks and opportunities for principled and effective humanitarian action, especially at the country and regional levels;
  • become acquainted with the efforts underway to help NGOs and other actors navigate change;
  • share lessons learned, best practices from different contexts with the wider NGO and humanitarian community.

The “Navigating Change” Learning Stream includes a series of three webinars as listed below as well as briefing papers and other resources.

  1. Localization: Perspectives of Change
  2. How do NGOs navigate the shrinking civil society space?
  3. Inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action: What next after the guidelines?
Navigating Change
Localization: Perspectives of Change
9 September, 2021

Localization: Perspectives of Change

Subject / Cross-cutting issues / Learning /

This webinar explores how governments, private donors and the business community see current opportunities, trends as well as challenges.

How do NGOs Navigate the Shrinking Civil Society Space?
10 September, 2021

How do NGOs Navigate the Shrinking Civil Society Space?

Subject / Cross-cutting issues / Learning /

This webinar is part of the “Navigating Change” Learning Stream which includes webinars, briefing papers, and other resources on how NGOs are managing changing global, regional, and national contexts for humanitarian response.

Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian action: What Next after the Guidelines?
26 February, 2020

Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action: What Next after the Guidelines?

Subject / Cross-cutting issues / Learning /
IASC Guidelines on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action, 2019 thumbnail

This webinar provides an in-depth look at how the guidelines endorsed by IASC can make humanitarian action more inclusive.

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