Localization: Perspectives of Change

8 November 2018

The webinar “Localization: Perspectives on change”  aims to help NGOs better understand the perspectives of a range of diverse actors towards localization,  with the ambition to prompt further discussion and action.

Localization: Perspectives of Change...

An insight on how governments, private donors, the business community, and diaspora actors see current opportunities, trends, and challenges....
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On 8 November 2018,  ICVA-PHAP organised a webinar on “Localization: Perspectives on change” and heard from different actors’ experiences working towards greater localization of humanitarian action. The discussion provided an overview of the concept of localization, how it has evolved, and how it is currently used. Participants learned more about how governmentsnon-State donors, private sector actors, and diaspora actors see current opportunities, challenges, and future trends.

The impact of localization initiatives on principled and effective humanitarian action was also examined.


Why localization?

  1. Strengthening inclusion of, accountability to, and acceptance by affected populations
  2. Increasing resilience through linking preparedness, response and recovery efforts
  3. Enhancing the speed, quality and scale of humanitarian response
  4. Adding value through improving the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian action
  5. Promoting diversity and supporting innovative and contextual approaches


Localization: Perspectives on change

This webinar provides an overview of the concept of localization in the humanitarian sector, how it has evolved, and how it is currently used.

Localization Resources

ICVA Paper
1 October 2019
ICVA Briefing Paper: Unpacking Localization
Subject/ Cross-cutting issues / Localization / Learning /

ICVA and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy have developed this paper to support local, national and international NGOs to ‘unpack’ localization in a constructive manner.

ICVA Paper
24 September 2018
Localization Examined: An ICVA Briefing Paper
Subject/ Cross-cutting issues / Localization / Learning /

This briefing paper is based on a review of documents as well as ICVA’s participation in ongoing localization-related evaluations, research, working groups, workshops and dialogues.