PSEA Fund deliverables
19 December, 2021

Centre for Social Change (CSC), Nepal

Subject / PSEA fund deliverable /

CSC worked with 14 nepali artists  in a project entitled “Artivism for PSEA” (art + activism) to produce IEC materials and to expand knowledge, understanding, awareness and engagement on PSEA. Through the Activism for PSEA, which has so far reached 6000 youths through social media and is currently ongoing. Different art products were developed and produced, including paintings, sculptures, comic book, rap song, photo stories, poem, street art and videos to promote community awareness and mobilization on the concepts, risks associated and reporting mechanisms. To circulate key messages on PSEA, 1000 copies of the comic book were printed and distributed in Nepali language. The organisation also organised 6 PSEA workshops, 2 focusing on explaining the concept and principles of PSEA to the artists before the production of the artwork, while the remaining 4 targed adolescent girls of flood-affected families living in Sunsari and in the vicinity of the Bhutanese Refugee Camp in Jhapa district.

Resources shared include:

  • Artivism for PSEA- Comic Book in Nepali, targeting girls and youth.
  • Artivism for PSEA – paintings
  • Artivism for PSEA – Poem
  • Artivism for PSEA – Rap song
  • Artivism for PSEA – street art
  • Artivism for PSEA – videos
  • PSEA workshop with  adolescent girls and developed a presentation on what constitutes PSEA, the risks of SEA and complaint mechanisms, a training model, a  report and a pre and post evaluation questionnaire, in Nepali and English.
  • PSEA workshop with local artists – including a presentation on PSEA, PSEA messaging,  questionnaire, an agenda, a training model.