PSEA Fund deliverables
13 December, 2020

Universal Intervention and Development Organisation (UNIDOR), South Sudan

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UNIDOR engaged women and men in community dialogues on how to build trust in complaints and feedback mechanisms and how to make them more accessible and effective. PSEA sessions were also organized in schools with 70 adolescent girls and 28 boys. The organization trained female and male frontline PSEA staff, including field site PSEA focal points, and recruited volunteers to mobilize communities on issues relating to PSEA and awareness raising.

UNIDOR developed
  • a pull up. banner in English to provide information on PSEA and the 6 Core Principles.
  • Rules on sexual conduct for humanitarian workers document¬† for the Focus Group Discussions they organised with women, girls, men, boys and humanitarian workers in English and Nuer
  • Training documents on PSEA in English for frontline staff and humanitarian workers, which include a training agenda, a presentation on PSEA and a document outlining roles and responsibilities of humanitarian personnel.