ICVA 2030 - Introduction

Creating ICVA 2030

Throughout 2020 ICVA held extensive consultations with ICVA members, partners and other stakeholders to create a new strategy that will be adopted at the General Assembly in May 2021. This strategy will guide the future of the ICVA network.

Watch ICVA's Executive Director, Ignacio Packer, explain the ICVA 2030 process.



In order to systematically build our view of the future we asked the following questions:

  1. What are the external trends shaping the present and foreseeable future of humanitarian action?
  2. To what degree will the current focus areas of forced migration, humanitarian coordination, humanitarian financing and navigating change be relevant for ICVA to stay engaged with over the next decade?
  3. What future state for humanitarian action might we imagine when looking towards 2030?
  4. How do different strategic elements inform the medium and long-term choices and vision for ICVA and what are the key questions we will need to tackle?
  5. What is the long term vision for ICVA?

We developed some thinking on some strategic considerations emerging from the external environment and how they relate to principled humanitarian action.

·       Environmental Change

And some strategic considerations regarding ICVA’s membership and ways of working:

·       Resourcing ICVA

Read more about ICVA 2030 and these considerations here.