ICVA 2030



ICVA is planning a new strategy that will launched in April 2021 after our General Assembly. This strategy will be guiding the future of the ICVA Network. In order to create a well-informed strategy, focusing on humanitarian concerns that are relevant to our members and stakeholders, we need your input! Over the next five months, ICVA is seeking your input and feedback on the topics you feel ICVA should focus our strategy around. From now until July 2020 there are a variety of ways to share your thinking on the future of the humanitarian sector and the future of ICVA.

To give feedback you can:
- Fill out the ICVA 2030 survey: English or French or Arabic
         Survey deadline: 30 April 2020
- Record a 90 second video giving your feedback. On camera answer the question, "What should ICVA focus on for the 2030 Strategy?" - See interviews here.
- Send us a written submission giving your feedback
- Participate in ICVA webinars & Meetings (dates to come)
Click here for information on how to submit your feeback. 
For ICVA 2030, there are 6 strategic considerations:
- Private Sector Engagement
- Environmental Change
- Technology and Humanitarian Innovation Management
- ICVAs Collaborative Advantage
- Membership and Member Engagement
- Regional Development of ICVA
Read more about ICVA 2030 and these considerations here.