ICVA 2030 Introduction

ICVA 2030 - A Collaborative Future for Principled and Effective Humanitarian Action

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ICVA is planning a new strategy that will launch in May 2021 after our General Assembly. This strategy will be guiding the future of the ICVA Network. In order to systematically build our view of the future we will be asking the following questions:

  1. What are the external trends shaping the present and foreseeable future of humanitarian action?
  2. To what degree will the current focus areas of forced migration, humanitarian coordination, humanitarian financing and navigating change be relevant for ICVA to stay engaged with over the next decade?
  3. What future state for humanitarian action might we imagine when looking towards 2030?
  4. How do different strategic elements inform the medium and long-term choices and vision for ICVA and what are the key questions we will need to tackle?
  5. What is the long term vision for ICVA?


ICVA 2020 Membership Sessions - 2-4 September 2020

Within the ICVA 2030 process, the “ICVA Membership Day” was initially scheduled as a one-day event in Geneva on 16 March, 2020.  As a replacement, the ICVA Board and ICVA Secretariat are organising two online sessions for ICVA members reflecting the very different world than the one we were in March.

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Strategic considerations related to the external environment 

To start this conversation, based on the mega trend analysis the ICVA Board and Secretariat have developed some thinking on three strategic considerations emerging from the external environment and how they relate to principled humanitarian action.

We are sure there are other strategic elements that require consideration, so these reflections are not intended to narrow things so early in the process and so more thinking, writing and inspiration is welcomed by all persons and organisations participating in this process.


Strategic considerations regarding ICVA's membership and ways of working 

The ICVA Board and Secretariat have also developed some thinking around the internal environment of how the ICVA network is comprised, how the members and secretariat will work together and interact with other organisations/platforms.


Your view counts

In order to create a well-informed strategy, focusing on humanitarian concerns that are relevant to our members and stakeholders, we need your input! Over the next five months, ICVA is seeking your input and feedback on the topics you feel ICVA should focus our strategy around. From now until September 2020 there are a variety of ways to share your thinking on the future of the humanitarian sector and the future of ICVA.

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More information

Read more about ICVA 2030 and these considerations here.