PSEA Fund deliverables
19 December, 2021

Organization for Social Service, Health and Development (OSSHD), Ethiopia

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OSSHD developed community awareness-raising materials in Tigregna language, including posters, banners and leaflets on SEA prevention and response and referral pathways targeting over 30,000 IDP women, girls, men and boys living in IDP sites in Mekelle, Abi Adi and Shire. The NGO also organised 75 community engagement sessions with women, girls and persons with disability on reporting channels and barriers to reporting and a one-day orientation session with 22 IDP leaders and humanitarian partners in Mekelle to increase awareness on PSEA, to discuss how to empower vulnerable groups to report and how to make reporting channels as safe as possible.

Resources include:

  • posters in Tigrinya to raise awareness on PSEA
  • banners in Tigrinya to raise awareness on PSEA
  • a leaflet in Tigrinya to raise awareness on PSEA and on the available reporting channels
  • a facilitator guide in English for community engagement sessions with IDP women, girls and Persons with Disabilities.