15 April, 2024

Global Refugee Forum – Outcomes for the Asia-Pacific Region

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GRF Asia Report

The 2023 Global Refugee Forum (GRF) held in Geneva from 13 – 15 December  2023, brought together over 4,200 stakeholders who submitted more than 1600 pledges encompassing various sectors. This report focuses on pledges related to the Asia-Pacific region between 1 January  2023, and 15 February 2024. It outlines pledges supporting displaced Afghans, Rohingya, and other host states in the region, as well as commitments that aim to provide solutions for displaced populations. Additionally, the report covers pledges made by regional states, domestic policy commitments, and global resettlement pledges.

Click on the below links to read the report, explore the Excel sheet mapping pledges and watch a recording of the presentation of the report and excel sheet.