ICVA Annual Report 2022HIAS Environmental Report 2022 – Emissions, Waste, and WaterReport – Lessons Learned Exercise from Regional Humanitarian Fund for West and Central AfricaImplementing the Climate Charter – Analysis and mapping of expertise available to signatories on the implementation of the Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian OrganizationsInter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation of the COVID-19 Humanitarian ResponseSex, Age (and more) Still Matter: Data Collection, Analysis, and Use in Humanitarian PracticeMeasuring Humanitarian Localisation in Yemen – Baseline ReportMapping and Rapid Assessment of Existing National NGO Coordination Mechanisms Focusing on Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Republic of MoldovaFuture of the Grand Bargain – Findings of the survey – October 2022Global Humanitarian Overview 2023 (Abridged Report)