ICVA 2024 Annual Conference

ICVA’s 2024 Annual Conference will be held on Thursday 21 March at Maison de la Paix, Geneva.

IASC Key Messages on the Climate Crisis for COP28IASC Guidance on Environmental Responsibility in Humanitarian OperationsStatement by Principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee, Humanitarian chiefs will not take part in unilateral proposals to create “safe zones” in GazaIASC Action Plan on Engagement in UNFCC COP 28IASC Operational Policy and Advocacy Group (OPAG) MeetingDG ECHO Guidance Note – Promoting Equitable Partnerships with Local Responders in Humanitarian SettingsInter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation of the COVID-19 Humanitarian ResponseAfghanistan – ICVA Action Areas For 202335 INGO and Syrian NGOs Demanding Unfettered Access and Massive Scale-up of Humanitarian Response