21 June, 2023

The Future of the Grand Bargain – ICVA Statement for the 2023 Grand Bargain Annual Meeting

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ICVA has released a statement supporting the Grand Bargain’s newly endorsed framework through 2026. The framework provides a solid foundation for effective resource allocation and achieving the best outcomes for populations affected by crisis. ICVA also believes that the Grand Bargain, with its broad membership of donors, UN agencies, NGOs, and Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, is a key platform for pursuing joint efforts in addressing the commitments under the framework. The simplified structure of the new Grand Bargain framework encourages individual signatories to maintain progress towards implementation without further burden. ICVA has identified localisation, partnership, and humanitarian financing as its priorities in alignment with the two agreed focus areas of the Grand Bargain. ICVA believes that successful implementation of the Grand Bargain will result in tangible change for frontline responders and those affected by crisis.

Read the statement in the below link.