PSEA Fund deliverables
19 December, 2021

ReachAfrica Organization (RAO), South Sudan

Subject / PSEA fund deliverable /

RAO developed PSEA awareness-raising materials focused on clarifying different types of SEA, available reporting channels and barriers to reporting, in the form of prints, video and audio clips, which were developed through role-play and comics produced by a local youth theatre group, Ana Taban. Posters, flyers and brochures were produced and translated into local languages, and distributed in strategic places in South Sudan. Radio jingles were produced and aired on different community radio stations. All the deliverables targeted the entirety of the community, with a particular focus on women, girls, boys, men, local authorities, women leaders, youth leaders, and religious leaders.

Resources available:

  • Radio jingles in Arabic, Dinka, English, Murle, Nuer and Azande, targeting affected communities, women, girls, boys, men and community leaders.