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31 March, 2022

Notes – UNHCR-NGO Quarterly Consultations

Subject / Forced migration /
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Notes from UNHCR-NGO Quarterly Consultations

UNHCR-NGO 2022 Quarterly Consultations

Following up on the model of weekly/monthly NGO Consultations held in 2020 and 2021, and as a complement to the UNHCR-NGO Global Consultations to be held in June 2022, the UNHCR Partnership and Coordination Service (UNHCR/PCS) and ICVA co-organize a series of Quarterly Consultations with NGOs in 2022.

  • Notes on UNHCR’s Engagement with Development Banks – 9 November 2022 (English)
  • Notes on Refugee Coordination and Engagement with NGOs – 21 September 2022 (English)
  • Notes on Co-designing UNHCR-NGO Recommendations on Localization and Climate Action – 27 April 2022 (English)
  • Notes on Civil society and UNHCR’s engagement in strengthening access to justice - 28 February 2022 (English)