6 July, 2023

Interagency PSEA Community Outreach and Communication Fund -2022 Project Summaries

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Interagency PSEA Community Oution Fund - 2022 PSEA Summaries 2

The PSEA Community Outreach and Communication Fund, launched in 2020 as a joint initiative by UNHCR and ICVA, has been supporting NGOs in preventing sexual exploitation and abuse. An interagency steering group of PSEA experts from IOM, UNICEF, Care International, World Vision International, CDAC Network, ICVA and UNHCR have been reviewing and providing project grants to eligible applications. Over 60 types of materials have been created in over 50 languages to reach 20 different Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD) profiles. In 2022, the fund awarded 15 grants to projects worldwide. The projects aim to strengthen engagement with key groups such as adolescent girls, language minorities, persons with disabilities, persons of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), people in geographically isolated areas and communities where risks of transactional sex are known to be high.

Click the link below to read the project summaries and explore the Fund website.