20 March, 2024

ICVA Annual Report 2023

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ICVA Annual Report 2023

The ICVA 2023 Annual Report encapsulates a transformative year characterized by resilience, collaboration, and dedication to shaping a more effective, principled, and collaborative humanitarian response. The report showcases ICVA’s tireless efforts in fostering meaningful partnerships, navigating international conflicts, championing climate resilience, and promoting dialogue and innovation. Despite global funding challenges and pressures on humanitarian principles, ICVA remains committed to inclusive dialogue and quality collaborations. The report also acknowledges the leadership transitions, bidding farewell to Ignacio Packer and welcoming Dr Jamie Munn as the new Executive Director.

As ICVA looks ahead, the lessons of 2023 will inform agile and responsive strategies, fostering continued collaboration, innovation, and impact in the years to come.

Click on the link below to read the Annual Report.