PSEA Fund deliverables
4 July, 2023

Corporación Colectiva Justicia Mujer (CCJM), Colombia

Subject / PSEA fund deliverable /

Corporación Colectiva Justicia Mujer (CCJM), Colombia. For their project on  preventing PSEA, CCJM targeted refugees, migrant, and displaced women as well as members of the host communities living in the department of Antioquia and Chocó


  • produced a series of four radio shows on what constitutes PSEA, what are the main risks and where to report. The  radio programmes were disseminated through social media, Spotify and various radio channels and reached more than 1,349,314 persons.
  • produced a collection of infographics, which were displayed both physically on public transport vehicles and terminals,  and shared through the organisation’s social medial channels, Facebook and Instagram.
  • produced a digital guide focusing on how to develop and put in place PSEA policies, which it shared with 25 humanitarian organisations. Meetings were held with 20 humanitarian workers from humanitarian NGOs and UN agencies to discuss how to design PSEA materials such as radio programmes, infographics, and guides, that are appropriate for the affected communities.