Concept Note
22 June, 2023

Concept Note – ICVA Speakers Bureau

Subject / Humanitarian /
Speaker Bureau Revised 1 (2)

ICVA aims to promote the voices and participation of local and national humanitarian aid workers in decision-making processes at all levels. As part of this effort, ICVA is launching the ICVA Speakers Bureau, in collaboration with the Hilton Foundation. The initiative aims to develop a diverse database of knowledgeable national humanitarian speakers who can effectively advocate for the needs, priorities, and perspectives of affected communities. Selected speakers will receive professional training to enhance their communication and public speaking skills, including guidance on effective message development, storytelling techniques, and engaging with diverse audiences. The ICVA Speakers Bureau will also coordinate with NGO Fora, UN agencies and donors to facilitate the participation of speakers in member state briefings, high-level events, conferences, and panel discussions, while fostering dialogue, collaboration, and better understanding.

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