PSEA Fund deliverables
13 December, 2020

Cinergies Co-Op, Greece

Subject / PSEA fund deliverable /

Cinergies Co-Op developed targeted, multi-media PSEA awareness-raising materials for refugees in the Athens-Attica area. Three cultural mediators were involved in the process and the content was developed in consultation with refugees and asylum-seekers from Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, DRC, Iraq (KRD), Iran, Afghanistan and Syria. Videos were produced explaining the six PSEA Core Principles, which were broadcast through social media, reaching 23,000 persons. Additionally, stickers with QR codes that can be scanned by mobile phone to obtain more information were created and distributed to social workers. The print materials and videos were made available in English, French, Farsi, Lingala, Arabic and Greek.

Resources available below are_

  • logos and stickers on PSEA in English targeting migrants and refugees.
  • a website to provide information on PSEA and to display the videos they produced. The website is available in English, Greek, Arabic, French, Lingala and Farsi and which targets migrants and refugees.