PSEA Fund deliverables
7 December, 2020

Childline, Zimbabwe

Subject / PSEA fund deliverable /

Childline Zimbabwe organized awareness-raising campaigns for 600 children and 1,000 adults in the Tongogara refugee camp. The campaigns focused on clarifying different types of sexual exploitation and abuse, available reporting channels and barriers to reporting. Trainings and workshops were conducted with 40 teachers and 30 students, and a Community Drama Club Guide was produced. To circulate key messages on PSEA, the organization produced and distributed nearly 3,000 information, education and communication (IEC) materials in both English and Swahili, which included T-shirts, posters, pamphlets, video, and radio shows, as well as well as SMS communication with 16 different messages sent to some 1,000 persons.

In the list of resources below you will find:

  • a pamphlet in English and Swahili for affected communities, which explains what constitutes PSEA, provides information on the 6 Core Principles and informs about available reporting channels.
  • posters in English and Swahili targeting affected communities to raise awareness on PSEA and to inform on available reporting channels.
  • a community drama club guide in English as a resource tool used by community facilitators to facilitate drama clubs which will be focusing on dramatizing SEA followed by discussions after. As an art format, drama is engaging, relatable and uses both verbal and non-verbal communication. The drama club guide will be not only a resource tool for dramatisation but also an awareness tool for SEA.
  • bulk messages in English and Swahili, targeting affected communities.
  • T-shirt design to raise awareness on PSEA and to display available reporting channels.