PSEA Community Outreach and Communication Fund Deliverables Database

The PSEA Outreach and Communication Fund, established in February 2020, is a joint initiative of UNHCR and  ICVA. The Fund invests in community-led efforts to ensure that communities and SEA survivors know how and where to safely report allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation.

The materials the NGOs supported by the Fund developed, used, and disseminated within different communities and groups are publicly available. They can be accessed in the database below.

PSEA Outreach and Communication Fund

The PSEA Community Outreach and Communication Fund provides financial support to NGOs to develop and disseminate outreach and communication materials to strengthen community awareness about PSEA issues and reporting channels.

In February 2020, ICVA and UNCHR launched the Fund to bolster the critical work of non-governmental organizations working with communities to make sure that everyone can access protection and assistance without fear of sexual exploitation and abuse. Since its launch, the Fund has generated tremendous interest from NGOs, community-based organizations, safeguarding experts and other humanitarian actors involved in PSEA activities, operating in all regions and all humanitarian contexts. Every year, all eligible applications are reviewed and scored by an interagency steering group composed of representatives from UN agencies, NGO networks and NGOs. To date, 49 projects have been supported to reinforce PSEA through strengthened community awareness and engagement. The selected projects incorporate dedicated attention to SEA risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and each has received technical support and advice from the interagency steering group in developing their respective initiatives. You can read the summaries of the different projects here.

The materials the NGOs developed, used, and disseminated are available to all IASC members and the wider sector for further use and adaptation.

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Guide on how to use this database

Organisations interested in implementing projects focused on raising community-awareness on the risks of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) and on developing information, education, and communication (IEC) materials on PSEA, can browse the PSEA deliverables database for ideas, designs, and templates.

The PSEA deliverables database lists the different types of material according to the organisation, country, language, target group and type of deliverable.  The materials are all filed under the organisation in the list below.

It is important to bear in mind that the materials below are the creations of their authors and do not represent ICVA, IASC or UNHCR, nor their views or endorsement of these materials.

Adaptation of Products

Please note that the materials in the database are the creations of their authors and do not represent ICVA, IASC or UNHCR, nor their views or endorsement of these materials. If an organization wishes to build on an existing material in the database, they are asked to refrain from using the logos of IASC, ICVA or UNHCR, or from including acknowledgements, such as “this project was funded by the PSEA Community Outreach and Communication Fund”. NGOs are welcome to use these materials to develop their own products; however, in doing so we ask that they mindful of relevant sensitivities, undertake community consultation as part of this adaptation effort, and aim to avoid content that may be viewed as potentially retraumatizing or victim-blaming.

PSEA Fund Database
PSEA fund database
15 July 2022
PSEA Community Outreach and Communication Fund Database
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The PSEA Deliverables database provides interested organisations with a variety of ideas, designs and templates to implement projects focused on raising community awareness about sexual exploitation and abuse risks as well developing information that educates those at risk. The available resources are in both final and editable formats.