Addressing Statelessness in Europe

The conference will take place on 8-9 June 2023 at the Universidad Complutense Madrid. The event is organised by the European Network on Statelessness in collaboration with Fundación Cepaim and the Universidad Complutense Madrid.

CHS Exchange conference

We still have a long way to go to achieve our goal of being more accountable to people in crisis. For this to happen, we need a fundamental shift in how we work as individuals, as teams, as organisations, as a system.

We need to work on solutions together. Harnessing the collective power of the CHS Alliance movement is key to making the urgent changes we know are needed so that people affected by crises can hold organisations accountable for how they use power. How we can do this more effectively will be a core discussion at our upcoming two-day virtual CHS Exchange conference 27-28 September, followed by our Members’ General Assembly, 29 September.

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