How do NGOs navigate the shrinking civil society space?

Webinar June 2019


The space in which civil society organisations operate is shrinking, with freedoms of association and assembly increasingly restricted.

On 20 June,  2019, ICVA and PHAP organised the second session in the learning stream on the Navigating change. The discussion provided an overview of current challenges and trends regarding civil society space and how NGOs and other actors are working to counter initiatives that shrink this space.

This webinar was part of the “Navigating Change” Learning Stream which includes webinars, briefing papers, and other resources on how NGOs are managing changing global, regional, and national contexts for humanitarian response.



The event featured speakers representing a wide range of perspectives.

ICVA Paper
24 June 2019
Scoping study: civil society space in humanitarian action
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The scoping study on civil society space in humanitarian action

6 May 2020
The Future of Civil Society Organisations
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Civil society space is increasingly a key issue for humanitarian organisations. It was the theme of the 2017 ICVA annual conference, and since then there are a growing number of crises where civil society actors have been denied access to a population in need. As a network, ICVA is grappling with the issues of erosion of humanitarian space, negative perceptions of civil society action by governments, and uncertain regulatory environments.