Formal consultations on the Global Compact on Refugees - February-June 2018

NGO statements and meeting notes

Focus areas

In 2018 UNHCR organised formal consultations on the draft text of  Global Compact on Refugees.


The Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) was overwhelmingly endorsed by Member States in December 2018, at the UN General Assembly. 

It took two years of intense discussions and consultations to develop the Global Compact on Refugees, with strong engagement from a wide a range of stakeholders, including NGOs. 

ICVA was an important actor in the process, striving to ensure information dissemination among the community and to create space for NGOs to contribute to the development of the GCR. 

Specifically, in 2018, ICVA coordinated the drafting and delivery of 20 NGO statements on the Global Compact on Refugees, presented by NGO representatives during the formal consultations organised by UNHCR from February to July.

Below you will find the statements submitted by NGOs, and detailed notes of the consultations.

For more information on the consultations please see the UNHCR website.

NGO statements and meeting notes
16 July 2018
Sixth formal consultations towards the Global Compact on Refugees, Juuly 2018
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