Topic 1: Adapting to the impacts of the climate and environment crises

E-learning stream - Climate, environment and humanitarian action






English, French, Arabic


Climate & environment


We are already witnessing how climate and environmental crises disproportionately impact communities in vulnerable contexts and situations, and regardless of what we do, these impacts will not disappear overnight.

Commitments #1 of the Charter calls on us to “Step up our response to growing humanitarian needs and help people to adapt to impacts of the climate and environmental crises”. It focuses on how we use climate change adaptation (CCA) methods, disaster risk reduction (DDR) in our programming, anticipatory action to adapt our programs to better support and strengthen people’s resilience to current and future climate and environmental risks.

Many NGOs are already working to address climate change in and alongside vulnerable communities and to help organisations live up to their commitment, there are tools and resources available to guide NGOs in their work.


This webinar will aim to share lessons learned and answer some of the below questions:

  • How can NGO programmes be fit for purpose, ensure that they are designed and implemented to address current impacts and help reduce future risks?
  • How can we scale-up climate-smart disaster risk reduction efforts and identify locally appropriate solutions to address them?
  • What are some of the tools and resources available in terms of CCA, DDR and anticipatory action?
  • What can we learn from local, traditional, and indigenous knowledge which can be replicated in other context?