Launch of the Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub for Eastern Europe



The Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub for Eastern Europe


Meeting, Virtual event


English, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian



Launch of  the Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub for Eastern Europe

Date: 21 November 2022

Time: 14:00-15:30 CET


The Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub for Eastern Europe (SHEE) is a programme that serves civil society organisations responding to the war on Ukraine. It provides practical and accessible safeguarding resources aiming to reduce the risk of harm to those they work with.

Governments, NGOs, faith-based organisations, and volunteers across Eastern Europe have mobilised to welcome and offer support to Ukrainian refugees. However, the crisis and its response present many safeguarding and protection risks. Children and vulnerable individuals face particularly high risks.


Chair: Susannah Taylor – Regional Lead, Safeguarding Hub Eastern Europe

Keynote speaker: Alketa Lasku – Regional Safeguarding Child Protection and Safeguarding Adviser, Terre des hommes, Laussane in Hungary

Speaker 1: Elena Cofaru – National Representative for Romania Safeguarding Hub Eastern Europe

Speaker 2: Angela Cara – National Representative for Moldova Safeguarding Hub Eastern Europe

Panellist 1: Justyna Herbut – Safeguarding Adviser

Panellist 2: Roxana Andrei – Safeguarding Manager, Salvati Copiii România

Panellist 3: Ionuț Raita – Country Director, Terres des hommes Ukraine

The event will be chaired by Susannah Taylor, regional lead Safeguarding Hub Eastern Europe. Alketa Lasku, regional safeguarding child protection adviser, TdH will talk about whether emergency situations and safeguarding are a dichotomy or not. 

Safeguarding Hub Eastern Europe national representatives Elena Cofaru and Angela Cara will provide a short overview of the Ukrainian refugee situation in Romania and Moldova respectively. 

There will be a lively debate  in the panel discussion, where Justyna Herbut, safeguarding advisor, Roxana Andrei, safeguarding manager, Save the children Romania, and Ionuț Raita, country director TdH Ukraine will discuss the safeguarding situation of the NGOs in Eastern Europe.

The language of the online event will be English, with live translation into Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian. There will be closed captioning in English.

Come and celebrate the launch of the Safeguarding Hub Eastern Europe!

Together, we can build a safer sector!