Geneva | SOHS 2022 Panel Discussion



ICVA, The Permanent Mission of Switzerland in Geneva, ALNAP






Geneva launch of the 2022 edition of The State of the Humanitarian System (SOHS) Report

ICVA and the Permanent Mission of Switzerland in Geneva, in association with ALNAP, are hosting the Geneva launch of the 2022 edition of The State of the Humanitarian System (SOHS) Report.

This event will bring together leaders of national and international NGOs, representatives of donors and member states, the United Nations and other humanitarian stakeholders for a panel discussion and exchange building on the findings of the SOHS report.

The 2022 report begins by framing a ‘cascade of crises’ with compounding threats and diminishing political will, resources and support pushing the humanitarian system ever further. In June this year, the UN Secretary General shared this similarly sobering reflection: “global megatrends are converging into a mega-crisis of conflict, climate disruption, hunger and the rising cost of living”.



As the report highlights, we are moving into an uncertain future. We do not yet know how the intersection we see today – the ongoing impacts and consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Climate Crisis and the ramifications of the war in Ukraine – will impact humanitarian assistance. What is clear, is there has never been a time when effective, accountable, and quality humanitarian assistance was needed at such a scale.

The final chapter of the SOHS Report asks ‘Is the system fit for the future?’ This question provides a point of departure for our discussion – how individually and collectively we are leading and challenging the humanitarian system to improve and to be ready for an uncertain future. We hope that this exchange of diverse stakeholders will contribute to emphasising the need for further investment in creating a fit-for-purpose system.

This will be an in-person meeting with an informal welcome coffee and tea.

Opinion piece
14 September 2022
Response to the 2022 State of the Humanitarian System (SOHS) Report
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sohs opinion piece

The 2022 State of the Humanitarian System (SOHS) report is a welcome insight into how well the ambitions of the sector are being translating into reality in a complex and changing environment. Most importantly, it shows where and how the system is still falling short of meeting these ambitions. The SOHS has a focus on monitoring changes in the shape and size and performance of the international humanitarian system. It shows that the humanitarian system is growing in the face of increasing need, and that it is performing, but could be performing better.