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Since 2019, the decentralization process undertaken by UNHCR has strengthened the presence of the Regional Bureaus in the respective geographic regions. This decentralization has provided opportunities for UNHCR to engage more directly with partners at the regional level. In light of this, UNHCR introduced regional consultations with NGOs to complement the long-running Global NGO Consultations, as a way of enriching these discussions within regional operational contexts.

The most recent Global NGO Consultations, which took place virtually in September 2020, resulted in key recommendations that were presented at the 71st session of UNHCR’s Executive Committee of the High Commissioner’s Programme (ExCom). Among these recommendations was that global and regional consultations take place on alternating years and complement each other. As such, regional NGO consultations took place in all seven regions throughout the year of 2021 and consultations with NGOs will take place at global level, in Geneva and online (hybrid format) from 7 to 10 June 2022.


The theme for this Global Consultation will build on the Regional Consultations with NGOs, which led to seven context-specific discussions around “Localization of humanitarian action and engagement with communities in the COVID-19 context”. Given the launch of the UNHCR Strategic Framework for Climate Action in 2021, some of the regional consultations also tackled Climate Action and the three pillars covered by the framework:

1. Law and Policy, 2. Operations, and 3. Environmental Footprint. Those themes were also addressed through the 2021 Monthly online Consultations organized by the UNHCR Partnership and Coordination Service (UNHCR PCS) NGO and Civil Society team and ICVA. The theme of the 2021 Regional Consultations with NGOs was selected following online surveys disseminated to partners by each Bureau.

14 July 2016
Guide for NGO Delegates attending the Annual Consultations
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