NGO Fora Support Programme

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Support to NGO fora programme

ICVA’s “Support to NGO Fora programme” aims to support NGO fora to undertake their collective responsibilities, across three key areas:

  1. Supporting organisational capacity development of NGO fora in strategic planning, governance, and human resource management;
  2. Strengthening NGO fora advocacy and echoing their views at global and regional levels;
  3. Promoting the pivotal role of NGO fora amongst the broader humanitarian community (including donors, governments, UN agencies, and NGOs).

ICVA is working with NGO fora operating in countries affected by humanitarian crises, including:

Why are NGO Fora so critical in delivering principled and effective humanitarian assistance? Watch this video to understand more.

NGO fora: the power of collective action

ICVA publication
13 June 2019
NGO Fora Member Engagement Guide
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NGO fora member engagement gde image

This guide was developed under ICVA’s NGO Fora Support Programme. It presents good practice and key considerations for NGO coordination fora seeking to achieve active and sustained member engagement. Whilst the guide is not definitive, it outlines a variety of considerations to inform member engagement work and is relevant to NGO fora of any size or scale.

The guide provides an overview of NGO fora components alongside basic considerations for member engagement and a detailed overview of member engagement good practices across a range of fora activities and processes.

Click on the below links to read the guide in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

ICVA publication
13 July 2017
NGO fora advocacy guide: Delivering joint advocacy
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While each NGO fora is unique in its membership, structure, scope and strategic direction, this guide to delivering joint advocacy has been developed to be relevant to humanitarian NGO fora of any size or scale. The components within the guide can be used together, or individually, and may be tailored to the needs of each coordination fora.

The guide looks specifically at components of humanitarian advocacy from a perspective of delivering joint NGO advocacy; it is tailored to the collective advocacy work of NGO Fora.

ICVA publication
13 March 2019
NGO Fora Exchange program - Concept note
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NGO fora exchange concept image

Concept note for ICVA’s NGO fora exchange programme. This programme provides the national and local NGOs Fora with learning opportunities to the work and activity of structured and performing fora in a form of learning exchange programme.

ICVA report
13 March 2021
Strengthening in-country NGO Fora to promote enhanced NGO collective action at field level during the COVID-19 Response
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NGO fora global projects report image

Global Narrative Report Global Report – Final (1st June 2020 – 31st December 2020) of project – Strengthening in-country NGO Fora to promote enhanced NGO collective action at field level during the COVID-19 Response

This project supported 12 in-country NGO Fora (including mainly national, but also mixed and International NGO Fora) in contexts experiencing humanitarian crises along side the pandemic. The project was designed with consultation with NGO fora active in four regions covered by ICVA to support during the COVID 19 pandemic to understand the challenges and role NGO For a in the humanitarian coordination architecture

13 October 2020
Syrian NGO network engagement and partnership programme summary
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Syrian NGO network summary image

The Syrian NGO Network Engagement and Partnership Programme is a strategic partnership between UNDP and ICVA to strengthen the capacity of Syrian NGO/CSO networks to enable them to play a vital role in joint coordination and representation by strengthening skills and capacity across a range of areas including joint coordination, governance, and strategic planning.

ICVA publication
13 July 2017
Promoting collective action at field level
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