Your view counts

Help shape the future of ICVA

Your help is greatly appreciated and brings the most important perspective to the ICVA 2030 consultations.

Please help us amplify this perspective further by sharing your opinion, ideas, and input on the future of ICVA.

Between now and September 2020 you can share your feedback in the following ways:

1. Read the introduction document and discussion papers:

This document provides more information about the ICVA 2030 process and more detailed background thinking and questions as to why ICVA is looking to build a 10-year strategy.

The discussion papers propose six strategic considerations including our current focus areas: Engagement with the private sector; Environmental change; Technology and humanitarian innovation management; The regional development of ICVA; Membership and member engagement; and ICVA’s collaborative advantage. The aim of these papers is to give a vision for ICVA and to help you frame your own thoughts on ICVA’s direction.

Read the document



2. Answer the ICVA 2030 Survey:

Survey_PicThe ICVA 2030 Survey gives you an opportunity to evaluate your past and future engagement with ICVA. Your participation is encouraged and would be appreciated. With no more than 20 minutes of your time, you can tell us what is important to you and to NGO humanitarian action. 

The survey is  available in English, French and Arabic.

This survey was first open until 15 May 2020.  Please see the interim results here.



3. Talk to us – Record a 90 second video:

Whether you are from a member or partner organisation, we would love to hear your voice.

To do so, submit a video of you answering the question, “What should ICVA focus on for the 2030 strategy?”

You can talk in French, Arabic, Spanish or English. We will share the videos online on our YouTube channel.



You can either record this video yourself or request a meeting online with ICVA by sending an email to

See what others have to say.







4. Write to us:

Send us a written submission giving your input for the ICVA 2030 Strategy. You can send your letter to:


5. Attend a workshop, webinar or meeting:

Attend one of the members consultations in the ICVA regions to brainstorm on ICVA 2030. More information to follow.

Additionally, you can plan a meeting within your own organisation to gather input from a larger base and submit your input to ICVA. You can use the questions as outlined in the Strategy Discussion Document. Any submissions can be sent to:


6. More information

Click here for information on how to submit your feeback.