Topic One: The Humanitarian Financing Landscape - Realities and emerging trends for NGOs

The humanitarian financing context is changing - how is this impacting NGOs?

In partnership with experts from OECD, Development InitiativesWorld Vision and PHAP, an overview of the different traditional and emerging financing streams coexisting in the humanitarian sector is discussed, with a focus on how NGOs access humanitarian funding and the challenges they currently face.

Scroll below to access the explanatory whiteboard video, webinar recording and briefing paper.

Learning objectives

  • Knowledge of the overall size, composition, and flows of global humanitarian financing

  • Familiarity with the key traditional and emerging humanitarian financing streamsfunding channels, and donors

  • Awareness of the main trends and opportunities affecting NGOs’ access to humanitarian financing

  • Awareness of the main challenges and limitations that NGOs encounter in accessing humanitarian financing

  • Familiarity with different sources of information on humanitarian financing

(Watch the Topic One video with Arabic or French subtitles)


Webinar Recording


  • Sophie Swithern, Head of Research and Analysis at Development Initiatives, Development Initiatives
  • Cyprien Fabre, Humanitarian Policy Analyst - Fragility, Conflicts and Humanitarian Action, OECD
  • Julian Srodecki, Technical Director of Humanitarian Grants at World Vision


  • Melissa Pitotti, Head of Policy at ICVA
  • Angharad Laing, Executive Director at PHAP


Briefing Paper

Access the briefing paper in Arabic or French


Webinar Follow-up Questions and Answers

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Where to go for more information?

Curious to learn more on the overall humanitarian financing landscape? Click here to find out more information. 


Additional resources for topic one

During the event the following resources and websites were mentioned by speakers and participants: