Topic 2: The World Bank and the humanitarian-development-peace nexus

The World Bank and the humanitarian-development-peace nexus




The second session of the learning stream on the humanitarian-development-peace nexus, jointly organized by ICVA and PHAP, took place on 24 May. The event explored the role of the World Bank when working in the context of conflict and fragility, and how their approach has changed since the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016. The session also featured presentations from NGO representatives on how they are engaging in complex settings where the World Bank is working. Watch the recording below:



Focus: To provide NGOs (and others interested stakeholders) with an overview about the shift of the World Bank’s role and the various instruments used when working in the humanitarian-development-peace nexus and the opportunities for NGOs to engage and partner with the World Bank. 



  Xavier Devictor

  Advisor for the Fragility, Conflict and Violence Group at the World Bank





      Hannah George 

      Senior Communications Officer, Stakeholder Engagement Team, 

      External and Corporate Relations (ECR) Vice Presidency, The World Bank 



  Lauren Post

  Policy and Advocacy Officer, International Rescue Committee






Thomas Jepson-Lay

Humanitarian Director, Save the Children Somalia






Co Hosts


Melissa Pitotti

Director of Policy at ICVA




Anghard Laing 

Executive Director at PHAP






ICVA Briefing Paper : The World Bank and Refugees

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Aussi disponible en français



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