Topic 1: The “nexus” explained

The “nexus” explained: How and when do humanitarian, development and peace action come together?


On 12 April, join us in the first session of the new learning stream on the humanitarian-development-peace nexus, jointly organized by ICVA and PHAP. The event will explore the concept of the "triple nexus" and how nexus thinking is influencing policy discussions at the local, country, and global level. More information coming soon.


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Melissa Pitotti

Director of Policy at ICVA




Anghard Laing 

Executive Director at PHAP








As part of the learning stream on the humanitarian-development-peace nexus, this event will be the first session of six live interactive online learning events that ICVA and PHAP will be organizing in the coming months. The purpose of these sessions is to provide NGOs and aid workers with a stronger understanding of the efforts to overcome the divide between the humanitarian, development, and – when appropriate – peace communities.