Executive Director

Mr Ignacio Packer

Ignacio joined the ICVA team in January 2018. He is an international expert on human rights and social issues.  He leads, manages, and develops the ICVA network in consultation with the Board. He is responsible for the performance of the Secretariat, for the quality of the Secretariat’s services and products, and for maintaining the credibility and reputation of ICVA.


Programme and Policy Team

Ms Mirela Shuteriqi Director of Policy
Mirela is responsible for overseeing ICVA's engagement and positioning, particularly in relation to forced migration and humanitarian financing. She works closely with the ICVA membership to provide analysis and guidance on key humanitarian issues, and promoting joint advocacy for improved policies on protection, assistance and durable solutions.
Mr Michael Hyden, Director of Programme
Michael is responsible for supporting the development of ICVA’s strategy at regional and national levels. He supervises the management of the regional hubs (in Asia, MENA and East Africa) and the implementation of programmes and activities at regional and national levels.
Mr Jeremy Wellard  Head of Humanitarian Coordination 
Jeremy engages in the IASC humanitarian coordination mechanisms including the Emergency Directors Group and with the Humanitarian Leadership Support Unit (Humanitarian Coordination Pool).
Mr Jérôme ElieSenior Policy Officer, Head of Forced Migration
Jérôme is the primary focal point on topics and issues related to forced displacement. He also leads on ICVA's work promoting civil society engagement in the development of a "Refugee Compact".
Ms Loise Dai RocheteauPolicy Officer Forced Migration
Loise supports ICVA's work in forced migration.
Mr Jeremy Rempel, Head of Humanitarian Financing
Based in the US, Jeremy is responsible for the ICVA's work around humanitarian financing, the Grand Bargain and donor conditions.
Mr Alon PlatoPolicy Officer Humanitarian Financing
Alon supports ICVA's work in humanitarian financing.
Ms Vania GobboAssociate Policy Officer
Vania supports engagement with ICVA’s diversity priorities and supports members on issues related to protection and assistance to migrants in vulnerable situations.
Nishanie JayamahaLearning and Programme Coordinator 
Nishanie leads ICVA's humanitarian learning stream, and looking at new ways to reach out to members and NGOs to support their access to information and understanding of the humanitarian sector.  Nishanie is also in charge of the shrinking space portfolio.
Ms Keya Saha-ChaudhuryRegional Representative for Asia and the Pacific 
Keya is based in Bangkok.  She leads for the Asia and Pacific region on developing ICVA's approach and platforms of engagement in the region.  She works with ICVA members, NGO networks and humanitarian partners to ensure the implementation of ICVA’s strategy in the ASIA and Pacific region.
Ms Eman Ismail, Regional Representative for MENA
Eman is based in Amman, Jordan.  She works with ICVA members, NGO networks and humanitarian partners to ensure the implementation of ICVA's strategy in the MENA region. She also leads for ICVA on the Localization Agenda.
Ms Stephanie YousefMENA Deputy Regional Representative 
Stephanie supports the Regional Representitive in the MENA region in the implementation of ICVA's strategy in MENA.
Mr Marco RotelliRegional Representative for Africa
Marco is based in Nairobi, Kenya.  He leads for the AFRICA region in developing ICVA’s approach and platforms of engagement.  He leads for ICVA on the Nexus Agenda.
Mr Obele Oluchukwu IheakanduNGO Fora & COVID-19 Support Officer (Interim assignment)
Obele is Christian Aid’s Programme Coordinator, based in Abuja, Nigeria and has been seconded to ICVA to support NGO Fora from May-December 2020. 

Finance and Administration Team

Mr Fabrice Cadoux  Finance Officer
Fabrice supports the Director of Finance in all financial, accounting and human resource matters related to the efficient functioning of the ICVA Secretariat.
Ms Mylene SotoAdministration and Events Assistant
Mylene supports the organisation of events, meetings and conferences. She also provides administrative and logistical support functions for the effective running of the ICVA Secretariat.
Ms Christian Benadum, Communications Officer
Christian supports the communication processes, tools and capacities for the implementation of ICVA’s Strategy 2019-2021. 
Ms Fiona Wilkie, Information Officer
Fiona is responsible for maintaining and delivering ICVA’s information and membership services, and supporting the governance activities.