Strength in Numbers: A review of NGO coordination in the field

Prepared by Paul Currion and Kerrn Hedlund. 

The publication, commissioned by ICVA and authored by Paul Currion and Kerren Hedlund, reviews NGO coordination in humanitarian settings, including in two of 2010’s biggest emergencies, Haiti and Pakistan. It includes an overview of key issues in NGO coordination, as series of case studies, and a section on lessons learned.

Overview Report

Lessons Learned

Case Studies: 
1) Afghanistan 1988-2010
2) Haiti 2010
3) Iraq 2003-2010
4) Kosovo 1999-2002
5) Myanmar 2008-2010
6) Pakistan 2002-2010
7) Sudan 1999-2010
8) South Sudan 1996-2010
9) Occupied Palestinian Territories 1967-2010