UNHCR - NGO Structured Dialogue in Myanmar

A joint ICVA-UNHCR Structured Dialogue consultation was held in Yangon on 8 December 2015 to follow-up on the implementation of the High Commissioner’s Structured Dialogue on UNHCR-IFRC-NGO Partnership. The goal of this consultation was to evaluate the state of UNHCR-NGO partnerships in Myanmar and to support actions for further partnership strengthening and complementarity. The consultation was focused on two operational contexts, the first morning on the response in Rakhine and the second on the south east of Myanmar.

Information sharing, capacity strengthening, advocacy and joint planning together with all that is encompassed around the responses for IDPs, Statelessness and Refugees returnees were the areas identified by participants as priorities and in need for further improvement.

The participants to the consultation, especially UNHCR representatives, further showed a great commitment in enhancing partnership and identified key recommendations per each priority areas.

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Publication date: 
December, 2015
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