Symposium to strengthen role of national NGO on HCTs Report

National NGOs play a key role in the frontline operation of humanitarian responses yet often find themselves marginalized from what are predominantly international decision- making bodies. According to OCHA’s 2013 review of membership on Humanitarian Country Teams (HCTs), all 40 HCTs included international NGOs, yet only 40% of them included national NGOs.

While National NGOs’ attendance at HCT meetings is often limited due to time and location constraints, there are additional challenges that national NGOs face in their interest and effort regarding contributing to HCTs’ decision-making.

In response to these challenges, ICVA brought together 15 national NGOs who engage with HCTs, in November 2014, in order to have them exchange views on the challenges they face regarding their engagement as well as to identify opportunities for their contribution 

Publication date: 
November, 2014
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