Risk and Humanitarian Culture

For anyone that has spent time working with humanitarian aid, risk is a familiar concept. Humanitarians inherently work in places of high fragility, conflict, or instability. In order to operate effectively in such high-risk environments, it is critical for NGOs to understand how to identify and manage risk. Responding to this gap in practical application, ICVA is launching a briefing series on Risk. Risk and Humanitarian Culture, is the first briefing paper of the series and aims to examine the current risk landscape in humanitarian aid. In total, the Risk briefing series has three core objectives:

1. Make the discussion on risk management more accessible to practitioners and decision-makers.
2. Examine some of the core risk management issues unique to the humanitarian space.
3. Ensure existing risk management tools and lessons are identified and understood.


For further education on Risk Management, view our resent Webinar - Risky Business: Reframing the fundamentals of risk management for humanitarians. ICVA’s 2020 Annual Conference will also take a look at how NGOs and partners could promote principled humanitarian action and better manage risks.

Publication date: 
March, 2020
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