Regional Structured Dialogue Report - ASIA

A joint ICVA-UNHCR Regional Structured Dialogue consultation was held in Bangkok on 22 September 2015 to follow-up on the implementation of the High Commissioner’s Structured Dialogue on UNHCR-IFRC-NGO Partnership. The goal of this consultation was to evaluate the state of UNHCR-NGO partnerships in Asia and to support actions for further partnership strengthening and complementarity.

Information sharingcapacity strengtheningadvocacy and joint planning together with urban settings were the areas identified by participants as priorities and in need for further improvement. 

The Structured Dialogue (SD) Regional consultation held in Bangkok in September 2015 came as part of the follow-up to the High Commissioner’s Structured Dialogue on partnership with NGOs and the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, which was initiated in 2011 to review and strengthen partnership. ICVA and Interaction co-facilitate the roll-out of the Structured Dialogue with UNHCR since 2013.

The goal of the consultation was to facilitate a discussion among partners on their experiences working together, to review partnership approaches, strengthen mechanisms and identify opportunities for better collaboration.

Since the launch of the Structured Dialogue process 3 country field missions have been jointly realized by ICVA, Interaction and UNHCR in Pakistan, DRC and Kenya to promote the dialogue between UNHCR and NGOs at country level.

This Regional consultation builds in particular on the outcomes of a previous regional consultation held in Bangkok in 2013 and a recent regional consultation held in Dakar in December 2014.

Publication date: 
October, 2015
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