Regional Meeting of NGO Coordination Consortia

ICVA has been supporting and facilitating NGO coordination since the 1990s. A key aim of ICVA is to help improve humanitarian preparedness and response, and increase the effectiveness of NGO coordination mechanisms in humanitarian contexts. Following the success of 2014, this year ICVA reconvened three regional meetings of NGO coordination bodies in Dakar, Bangkok and Amman, to exchange constructive ideas for strengthening the collective action of the humanitarian NGO community, and to explore the critical and common challenges involved in NGO coordination. These meetings were used also as an opportunity to harness feedback from NGO fora on ICVA’s guide to NGO coordination, leading to the creation of the NGO Coordination Resource Center (

Similarly, this year ICVA is organizing region-specific meetings to bring together NGO fora to help improve collective understanding around NGO coordination, ultimately improving effectiveness in delivering aid to those in need. This report is the summary of the discussions during the two-day meeting held in Bangkok in November 2015, bringing together representatives of 17 NGO fora working in the region.  


Publication date: 
November, 2015
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