Minutes Steering Group Meeting No 17 - 24 November 2009 - NGOs and Humanitarian Reform Project

Minutes of SG Meeting 24 October 2009 Participants: Amany Abouzeid (ActionAid), Selena Brewer (IRC), Ben Dempsey (Save the Children), Massimo Fusato (CAFOD), George Graham (Save the Children), Avery Hancock (IRC), Yasmin McDonnell (ActionAid), Rudiger Schoch (ICVA), Annie Street (IPM), Manisha Thomas (ICVA), Shahrzad Amoli (Project Finance), Chair: Yasmin McDonnell Apologies: Aimee Ansari (Oxfam), Howard Mollett (CARE) Minutes: Shahrzad Amoli Minutes and Action points/Election of new Chair Minutes of last meeting approved and Action Points updated (see separate Action Point table and updates). The Steering Group unanimously selected Save the Children as Chair for one year. Project update Update has been circulated to all members ahead of the meeting. Strategic role of SG Discussions on role of the Steering Group as giving steerage and direction and necessary tools to achieve this were discussed. Amany recommended use of a workplan framework based on the logframe as a strategic planning tool for the project. Objective is to avoid duplications and unnecessary weight being placed on certain outputs as well as to ensure consortium members are aware of each agency s activities and contribution to outputs. This will also facilitate reporting to DfID. Each agency would be inputting planned activities under each output and reporting will be against these. Project Manager will also be filling in activities (therefore 8 actors will appear in the matrix). Agreement was to try this out for one quarter and further discuss in future meetings. Amany circulated aActionAid has developed toolkits (still in draft form) which ActionAid has developed for their country programmes. Amany will share these electronically with SG. Agreement was to try this out for one quarter and further discuss in future meetings. Action Point: Amany to share with SG draft ActionAid toolkits developed for country programmes. Ditchley Conference reports Comments from yet to be received by all on the draft. A draft conference report has been circulated. Manisha had earlier provided general comments on her presentation but will give Avery specific written comments. Yasmin s comments (with an external reader perspective) have been factored in. It was agreed that comments will be sent to Avery by maximum 4th December. A box in the conference report will inform of the upcoming Next Steps paper by end of year, replacing the current next steps box. The conference paper will then be finalised and released. A stand-alone next steps paper will also follow which will include commitments on what the project will be doing. Annie will distribute the draft by the maximum morning of 2 December at the latest. A teleconference has been scheduled for 4th December from 10:00 12:00 to discuss the draft. Comments should also be provided in written form to Annie before conference call. Action point: Final comments by SG members to be sent to Avery by max. 4th December Action point: 1st draft stand alone Next Steps paper (following on from Ditchley) will be sent by Annie to SG members maximum by morning 2 December. Action point: Written comments on Next Steps paper to be sent to Annie ahead of conference call scheduled for 4th December. Advocacy Strategy Aimee s efforts were commended. The document will be discussed in parallel with the Next Steps paper in the teleconference scheduled for 4th December (10:00 12:00). Action point: SG members to review Advocacy Strategy document for conference call discussion on 4th December New Project Products Cluster co-lead paper by Annie: based on discussions taking place at country and global level, this will feed into the OCHA review. Comments to be provided by SG members by email to Annie. Annie will follow up to access more examples of MOUs and TORs to feed into the generic one. SG members to provide comments by email by maximum 4th December. Document expected to be finalised by end December. Action point: SG members to provide Annie with comments on Cluster Co-lead paper by maximum 4th December Action point: Annie to finalise Cluster Co-lead paper by end December. Newsletter: Reference to the goodbest practice paper to be included in the Newsletter as well as a contacts box. Good practice papers: SG members expressed need to have opportunity to comment. An introductory paragraph will be included to indicate that these papers are only looking at good practices and not touching on problems/issues or make recommendations and therefore do not present the whole picture. Agreement was also made to maintain it as a two-pager. A word version will be shared with SG members for commenting. Comments ( no objections purpose) will be sent to Annie by 4th December. Action point: Introductory paragraph to be included for good practice papers indicating papers do not cover problems/issues. Designer will also be requested to fit into two pages. Word version to be sent to all. Action point: Comments on the 1st good practice paper to be sent by SG members to Annie by 4th December. HRO Survey Feedback The survey is based on 60 questionnaires from INGOs, NNGOs and clusters. Manisha pointed out the issue of responses to the CNAF related questions and whether respondents had the right impression when answering. Detailed discussions will be continued in the next SG meeting. Once the analysis and graphs are finalised, a more detailed review will take place. Annie proposed using the data at the GHP. Action point: HRO survey feedback will be placed on agenda of next SG meeting in January 2010 GHP/Southern NGO participation Between 8-10 southern participants can be budgeted from the project from the four focus countries and Sudan. However, it would also be useful to include NGOs from secondary countries as well. The following agencies will take the lead in identifying NGOs from these countries: ActionAid/ICVA, Pakistan; ActionAid, Uganda; CARE, Haiti; CAFOD, Mozambique/Uganda; Save, Indonesia. A set of criteria was discussed which included level of participation being at director level and be able to engage in high level discussions. Annie will send to all a more detailed list of criteria and agency follow up. Invitations will need to be sent from GHP co-chairs. ICVA will follow up. HROs have been asked to identify participants from the 4 focus countries. One important point to consider when selecting is that no translation/interpretation facilities will be available at the meeting. The following agencies will take the lead in identifying. NGOs from secondary countries: ActionAid/ICVA, Pakistan; ActionAid, Uganda; CARE, Haiti; CAFOD, Mozambique/Uganda; Save, Indonesia. Action point: Annie to send email to all SG members with more details on criteria for selecting NGOs to take part in GHP as well as which agencies will take lead for each non-focus country. Action point: Agencies to follow up to identify and recommend participation of suitable NGOs Next SG meeting The Steering Group members expressed appreciation of Yasmin McDonnell s contribution as Chair over the last year. As of 1 December she will no longer be working on this project. The next meeting has been scheduled for Thursday 28th January 2010, 09:00 12:00 at ActionAid, located at Hamlyn House, MacDonald Road, Archway, London N19 5PG (nearest tube: Archway). Action point: All documentation for the SG meeting of 28 January will be circulated by 21 January.

Publication date: 
January, 2010