Key Takeaways from the Network Organization’s Meeting on Partner Personnel Costs

Participants revisited the principles developed at the May 2014 Rome workshops to guide any change in UNHCR’s current policy on partner personnel cost. These include: fairness, transparency, predictability and consistency, accountability, providing a reasonable contribution towards partner personnel costs, understanding UNHCR’s budgetary restrictions, recognizing that partner selection is based on a “best fit approach” (rather than on lowest cost), treating expatriate personnel equally (regardless of whether they are employed by an INGO or NNGO), and treating national personnel equally (regardless of whether they are employed by an INGO or NNGO).

UNHCR reaffirmed that it is has neither the policy nor the intention to “cap the salary” of partners’ personnel, as partners are independent entities. Like UNICEF, UNHCR does not “cap” salaries. Unlike UNICEF, UNHCR sets contributions towards international expatriates, currently up to USD 6,000/month, whereas its contributions towards national personnel costs depend on a survey of the market of peers in the country of operation.

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Publication date: 
June, 2014