ICVA Report and Analysis: Third Sherpa Meeting of the Grand Bargain on Efficiency

The Grand Bargain Sherpas reconvened on 15 April for their third round (of four planned rounds) of talks.  They painstakingly reviewed potential commitment language associated with ten themes, agreeing on some language with only minor fixes (e.g. simplified and harmonized reporting), muddling through others, and starkly disagreeing on the points related to joint and impartial needs assessments.  Some expressed worries that the commitment language was getting too watered down.  Others expressed angst about the monitoring mechanism proposed by the World Bank (e.g. using the International Development Association model) as exclusive and adding a layer of bureaucracy.  They ended the meeting with a compressed timeline for follow-up action, illustrating the pressure of delivering a “Grand Bargain” with the World Humanitarian Summit only 25 business days away.  They will meet again for their final round 9-10 May.

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Publication date: 
April, 2016