ICVA Learning Events on the Code of Conduct and its Related Humanitarian Principles


ICVA undertook a project to Strengthen the Relevance of Humanitarian Principles in Humanitarian Action in 2010 through the commissioning of a document on humanitarian principles and the development of learning events on humanitarian principles. A development workshop for the learning event was held in January 2010 and three regional learning events were held on the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief (Code or CoC) in 2010. The original idea was to have the background document and learning events be “living” products that could be added and adapted as they were used.

The Learning Events

In order to make sure that the learning events materials can be used by the broader humanitarian community, ICVA has put together this package of materials that have been slightly adapted following the learning events. The learning events are designed to last two days long and are divided into three sections with different sub-objectives. The overall objective is to ensure that by the end of the event participants are better able to promote and translate humanitarian principles into practice using the Code of Conduct as a key reference point. The first sub-objective provides participants with a basic overview of the relevance, context, background, and issues related to the Code of Conduct. The second sub-objective helps participants to better apply their knowledge of the Code and related humanitarian principles to their work. The third sub-objective allows participants to better promote an improved understanding and awareness of the Code and related humanitarian principles through the development of persuasive advocacy.

Documents for Facilitators

Documents for Participants

SO1 Materials

SO2 Materials

SO3 Materials

Background Documents for Learning Event and Reference

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December, 2010
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