Vacancy Notice
25 July, 2022

Consultancy on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action

Subject / Inclusion & Diversity /

During the COVID-19 pandemic, persons with disabilities were placed at heightened risks as their health, livelihood and overall wellbeing were being disproportionately impacted, in particular in humanitarian contexts. The Guidance note on how to apply and implement the IASC Guidelines in the COVID-19 response, issued in 2020, provided an overview of the risk factors that may put persons with disabilities at heightened risk in the COVID-19 pandemic and response in humanitarian settings and proposing actions to address these risks.

With this consultancy, ICVA aims to contribute to the operationalization and promotion of the Guidelines and Guidance note by:

  • ensuring the dissemination of the guidelines to NGOs operating in humanitarian settings, with a particular focus on Organizations of Persons with Disabilities;
  • and taking stock of the NGO needs for further tools and capacity support actions.

Deadline of applications: 21 August 2022

Starting date: September 2022