Organisational Culture Matters

Organisational Culture Matters: Leadership, staff well-being and living our values


On 3 December 2020, the webinar “Organisational Culture Matters: Leadership, staff well-being and living our valueswas organised by ICVA, the CHS Alliance, and PHAP. Liza Jachens, Organisational Psychologist at Webster University, Ann Muraya, Director of Organisation Health for Thrive Worldwide, Melissa Pitotti, consultant for the ICVA-CHS Alliance joint project looking at the CEO role in driving organisational culture change and co-Initiator of the CHS Alliance Initiative to Cultivate Caring, Compassionate Aid Organisations, together with CEOs Amanda Khozi Mukwashi, of Christian Aid, and Dhananjayan (Danny) Sriskandarajah, CEO of Oxfam GB, shared their own experiences leading culture change within their organisations where top management plays a critical role in managing risks and ensuring that staff and those we assist in our day-to-day work are cared for.  

A briefing paper on this joint ICVA-CHS Alliance project on the CEO role in driving culture change to enable a positive workplace culture, safeguard staff well-being will be shared soon.  


This webinar is the fourth webinar of the Learning Stream on Risk Management in Practice


Why this topic?

Humanitarian organizations have faced situations reminding us that how we carry out our work is as important as what we do – including how agencies approach the mental and physical well-being of staff members to avoid long-term exhaustion, burnout, injury, or illness. Apart from the direct impact to individual staff members when the duty of care is compromised, organizations also face potential risks of an operational, reputational, safety and security, fiduciary, or legal and ethical nature.

Length: 90 minutes

Event objective/focus: have an open dialogue on the challenges faced by humanitarians in their work environments, how to improve the levels of care for humanitarian staff and build supportive organizational culture as well as provide insights into solutions to improve the ability of senior executives to promote the necessary change.

Target audience: Senior managers, all practitioners interested in risk management and humanitarian policy issues, particularly NGO staff.




     Melissa Pitotti

     Consultant and author of the forthcoming report


     Dr. Liza Jachens

     Research Associate and Lecturer, Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland








     Ann Muraya
     Director of Organisation Health, Thrive Worldwide





Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah

Chief Executive, Oxfam GB






    Amanda Khozi Mukwashi

    CEO and directors, Christian Aid 








     Jeremy Rempel 

     Head of Humanitarian Financing, ICVA




     Angharad Laing 
     Executive Director, PHAP





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